Our Mission

“We are inspired by the healing work of behavioral therapists, so we support and equip them to build home offices by offering business training, HR support, and administrative services.”

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Business Training

You have a vision, but it is hard to articulate.  You have an idea of how many clients and technicians you can manage, but you don't know how to build a business plan.  You know some about personal finances, but business finances are intimidating.  

We have an orientation period to help walk you through articulating your "Why," your vision, and your mission. We help you develop a simple business plan that you can follow through the course of the first year or two, and add to as you desire.  And we guide you through the basics of business finance so you can comfortably get started.

We want you equipped, knowledgeable, and prepared so that you can provide quality services to your clients.  Our goal is to start you off on a firm foundation.     


HR Support

The most important part of any company are the people who comprise it.  We assist you in assessing the right people for your team, finding them, and then going through the application process with them.  

ABC Behavior offers help with your business.  We have a staff of professionals who can walk through many aspects of business and help provide resources.  If you want more coaching and mentoring until you feel ready, we have a network of BCBAs as well as legal and business experts who are willing to work alongside you until you feel prepared.

In essence, we are here to help.  Let us know if you need anything so that you can feel established and confident in your office.  It is our goal to help get you there.   



Administrative Services

Serving clients and training technicians is enjoyable; but claims, billing, and payroll can overshadow the joy!  We have staff ready to do your claims, billing and payroll.

Another important aspect of administration is detailed policy and procedure.  ABC has developed comprehensive policies and procedures covering everything from meeting clients to completing reports to technician evaluations to thorough Medicaid compliance requirements.  Using our systems allows you to focus on your clients and make your team the best without concern about figuring out standardizations, developing procedures, or creating policy for each scenario.